Euro Speleo 2020 2022 (NYTT ÅR, NYTT DATUM)


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Euro Speleo är en internationell konferens som i år anordnas i Burgos, Spanien.
OBS! Flyttat till år 2022!
Datumet för eventet 2022 är endast en gissning!

Från Inbjudan:
Dear Friends,

It is finally approaching July 31, 2020.
For three days, we can gather around a common passion, THE SPELEOLOGY.
We will debate, show our photographs, videos, exploration works, research.
We will lay the foundations of future projects in common, we will laugh around a glass
of wine or a beer and “we will continue talking about our things” of Caving.
The 14 Euro Speleo forum, will serve to boost all our dreams, and together we are sure
to achieve this goal.
We have chosen the city of Burgos, because it is an enclave near the place where our
ancestors occupied the caverns that we are currently studying, well connected.
We propose a varied list of complementary activities almost always with a common link,
karst and exokarst.
A group of people from various parts of Spain have joined forces and continue to do so
that everything goes well.
We have worked to offer you a list of hotel establishments at special prices for those
attending the Euro Speleo forum 2020.
All this months work we hope to meet the expectations of all the friends who want to
share a few days with us.
That you feel at home