Grottning i Kirgisistan

Det kom ett email idag…

Hello colleagues

Our Speleological Organization Fund of Preservation and Exploration of Cave seeking interested cavers and cave explorers for the joint project and wants to offer cooperation. Our organization was established in 2003, currently we have few cavers, but many are not investigated or poorly investigated karst areas. A schematic map attached.

Therefore we are looking for colleagues for the joint research, the search for new caves and exploring ancient caves, mines in Kyrgyzstan.

If you are interested, this year we offer you a research expedition in two of the most interesting areas are marked on the map. One of them is described in a press release.

Happy to answer your questions

 Alex Dudashvili

Fund of Preservation and Exploration of Caves (FPEC)
1a Lineinaya Str., 720021, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel.: (+996 312) 69 02 34, 69 02 35 Mob. (+996 553) 991663
Foundation director Dr. Alexey Dudashvili



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